Students abrupt change in direction. There is nothing that we feel more passionately about here at The Swerve Student Minstry than watching students make an abrupt turn from a way of life that is based on the worlds way of doing things and come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through relevant life-applicable teaching. That is the message God has called us to bring. With God fellowship and fun we will get to the bottom of what living for Christ is supposed to be about. I know that church sometimes can be boring and sometimes it's easy to feel like whoever is speaking knows nothing about what you are going through. Here at fbcbaytown it is our mission here at “The Swerve” to get to the bottom of what YOU are struggling with. Come see us here at The Swerve and let’s see if we can figure out this life thing together.

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Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at The SWERVE for students 7th-12th Grade.

Gathering at 11:00am
The youth worship corporately with the entire church body on Sundays at the last gathering worship service at 11:11am.


Sundays at 9:30am students 7th - 12th grade meet at The Swerve for discipleship and some worship.

Sunday Night we meet in homes at 6:30pm for fellowship and discipleship in a laid back atmosphere.

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Patmos is a ministry of The Swerve Student Ministry which allows us to go into local cities and work with those who have found themselves to be homeless for a variety of reasons. Our prayer is that we are able to bring a smile to their faces while meeting a number of needs. We try and provide them with food water necessary goods such as clothes socks shoes personal hygiene items and most importantly we bring the love of Christ through worship services and personal witness. This ministry is very close to our hearts as we serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We enjoy taking Jesus to wonderful people who have been somewhat exiled from the world. We know and believe here at fbcbaytown..."With God there is no Exile!"

We understand here at the Swerve that to live life as a follower of Jesus Christ you have to get your hands dirty serving others. As Jesus followers we are committed to serving those around the world in many different ways. Come join us in this ministry and get your hands dirty!

With any questions about the student ministry please email our Youth Pastor Danny Phillips at